Event Planning Tips
As an event organizer, you probably manage all kinds of events. Some events are public and need to be seen and accessed by the largest audience possible. Some may be totally private, locked down and not seen by anyone except invited participants or VIPs. And some may be in between, meaning that they’re not meant...
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Grenadine Event Planner allows you to create many different types of event registration tickets (or “passes”, or “registrations”, or “memberships”, whatever you prefer to call them). You can create: Free tickets Paid regular tickets Paid add-on tickets (that is, tickets that are purchased for specific add-on activities in your event) Workshop signup tickets Here are...
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Having an event planning tool send out emails to your guests is great, but don’t you hate it when emails are sent from no-reply@event-planning-tool.com or some other kind of generic email address? Sending from a generic email address is less personalized, doesn’t allow people to reply quickly, and negates to some extend your company or...
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