Event Web Publishing
Add a Google Analytics tracking code to your event website and event mobile app As an event organizer, sometimes you want to keep tabs on how many visitors are coming to your event website. You also may want to know where visitors are coming from (if they clicked on a link in your event Facebook...
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Keywords attached to an item detail card in Grenadine Event Planner
It’s never been easier for your conference attendees to find events that matter to them! The Grenadine team has been working hard all September to bring you a feature-packed update for Grenadine sites focused on helping your attendees find the information that they need. Summary of changes: Filter Events, List View, New and Updated Flags, Calendar Buttons,...
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Ever felt the pain of having to manage and update your latest event schedule in multiple places at the same time? For example, when a speaker changes, a presentation changes rooms, or an item is added or removed from your event schedule, you may have had to make that change in your event mobile app, your...
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