Get the Check-in mobile app

Get the Grenadine Checkin mobile app

The new Grenadine “Check-in” mobile application allows organizers to scan tickets and check-in guests. 

Download and install this application on your mobile devices to check-in or check-out your registered attendees onsite!

This application is fully integrated with the Grenadine Event Planner. You can find registrants by scanning their ticket QR code or you can search or scroll through the attendee list and perform manual check-in or check-out. The attendee’s check-in status is automatically updated in the Grenadine Event Planner as soon as they are checked-in or out.

Do you have a dedicated team to check-in your attendees onsite? No problem! The application allows multiple people to check-in attendees in at the same time. And better, we also created a new “Checkin” role on the Planner allowing you to create “Checkin” users with limited access that will not count towards the user limit in your plan. So no need for you to buys new users just to manage your attendees onsite.

Click on the images above to download the Grenadine Check-in mobile app