Grenadine Events – A Short History


Software to help organize conventions had been on the back of my mind since the turn of the century. One spring, myself and a couple of friends sat down and brainstormed what our ideal system would do. I still have the paper notes that I did at that time which later became the basis for what eventually became the Grenadine Event Planner.

After a hiatus, we finally started development as a small geographically dispersed team a few years ago. The planning software was first used for the World Science Fiction convention in Reno, Nevada (Renovation) to help plan the events. This convention had about 5000 members and close to 1000 events happening over a 5 day period. As the convention grew closer I worked with Viafo to create a mobile application specifically for the convention that got it’s data directly from the server – this was used by over 2000 of the members of the convention.

The software has gone through a variety of improvements and has been used in multiple conventions ranging in size of just a few hundred to thousands of members. And then we created Grenadine Technologies and our first product was a commercialized version of the conference planner along with native mobile applications for conference members.