What Happened this month

The Grenadine team is always working hard to make our software more powerful and easier to use, while taking our users’ suggestions into consideration. Here is what we’ve released during the past few weeks:

Clone Events

You can now clone any event! By popular demand, you are now able to create a new event by copying the most important information such as people, program items, tasks, etc. from an existing event. Use the clone feature for annual events, or to create templates that you want to use and re-use again!

New “Tickets” tab in “People” section

Now, selecting a person will display a new tab called “tickets” to show the tickets this person has purchased.

Improved “People” tab for Program Items

We improved the “People” tab for Program items, and you are now able to see the list of people assigned to the selected Program item. This tab also displays who added this program item in their “Favorites”, as well as who signed up, bought a ticket, etc.

New “Top items” page

A new page has been added under the “Program” menu. It displays the most popular Program items, and group by categories: Top items by tickets sold, Top items by signups, Most Favorited items.

Reports (beta version)

During the last few weeks, we’ve worked hard on building a new report engine that will dramatically enhance and facilitate Grenadine Event planner’s reporting features in the future. We included few starter reports in this release but next ones will bring a lot more.

Do you need a specific report? Please suggest it at support@grenadine.co.


– We are creating a check-in app which will allow you to scan people’s tickets at an event.

– New features are in progress too, in order to continue the improvement of the user interface. Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions!