What’s new at Grenadine !

Here are some changes we have released this October:


  • There are now several new APIs to let advanced users query all event data such as schedules, lists of speakers, tracks, etc. Thanks to our customer Vidcon for design assistance.
  • You can now send push messages to your mobile app users. Thanks to our customer Syncopate Meetings and Events for being the first user during their October event!
  • You now have a “Mobile App” page that shows you what your event code is and how to explain to your users how they can install your event mobile app
  • Your public sites now show users (in the footer) how to install the event mobile app and what event code to use
  • If your event does not have a large schedule, the schedule link will now default to showing the entire event schedule in one single page. This is a special request from our customer Pipeline Publishing which we think makes sense for other users as well.
  • Users that have custom payment providers can now cancel tickets orders from within Grenadine
  • Improved UI for entering calendar item dates in your event program
  • Added labels to your speaker’s and attendee’s email addresses, so that you can know what email address is for whom (for example, the assistant’s email, the manager’s email, etc.)

Various bug fixes or minor enhancements:


  • We won’t let users cancel coupons if they have been used
  • Issue where cancelling a coupon was not always completely removed
  • Small fix for errors entering ticket prices (commas vs decimal points) in French browsers
  • We’ve added your event’s start and end dates in the title bar
  • The event switcher will now stay on the same page from event to event
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