What’s new at Grenadine

The team at Grenadine have been really busy over many months – which is why you have not heard much from us. There are a bunch of new features and enhancements that have been made to our Planner that will help event planners with their conferences. Here is a very brief introduction to what is new: Multi-Conference – now your organization can manage multiple conferences from within your planner instance. Notes, Documents, and Tasks – these can be attached to rooms, people, items/events, and conferences. By categorizing notes or tasks these can be added to generated reports. Documents can be optionally shared via the web or mobile app. Finance & Budgeting – helping planners keep track of their income and expenses. Item Sign-up – if there are items or events at you conference that are space limited or workshops that require advance enrollment. You can assign spaces and a wait-list to items and attendees can sign up via the mobile app or generated web-site. HTML Web-snippets – simple HTML code that can be embedded in your own web-site that will provide the schedule and list of speakers directly from your instance of the Grenadine planner. Conference Websites – the first version of our generated websites gives you a place for attendees to see the schedule and speakers, sign-up for events, and register for the conference. Online Conference Registration – with a flexible online registration system you can sell different types of tickets to your conference. By integrating with Stripe for payments, funds go directly into your Stripe account. iPad version of the mobile app – as well as adding document download and item sign-ups the iOS version of the app makes better use of the iPad form factor. There will be more new features over the coming months and you will be seeing more post from myself and other folks from the team.