Assign Participants to your Program Items

This is the step where you decide what participant will be involved with what item.

To assign participants to items, head on over to Program → (select an item) → People Tab and start assigning people to events by clicking the “Assign Participants” button. From the participant selection panel on the left, choose one or more people from the list. Then, from the Program Items panel on the right, select one item to which you want to assign those participants. To assign the participants, click the “Add” button and look for the assignment below the item description.

By default, all the participants that you assigned are given the role of “Participant”, but you can drag-and-drop names in the appropriate section to change the role of each participant for that particular item. Each participant can be:

  • A “regular” participant
  • A moderator
  • A “reserved” participant (that is, someone that we are keeping just in case other participants would not be able to make it)
  • An “invisible” participant (that is, an actual participant but that will not be published in the paper and mobile versions of your conference schedule). An “invisible” participant is useful when you need to book technical or helper staff to items on the calendar, so that they will see those items in their calendars, but will not be published out to the attendees. This can be used to assign the tech person, the caterer, etc.