Attendees and guests

Attendees and guests are people that will be visiting your event but not otherwise participating as speakers, lecturers, artists or moderators. You enter (or import) a list of attendees in the Grenadine Event Planner much the same way as you would enter participants, except for these few differences:

  • Attendees may be officially registered and have a registration confirmation number. Registration information and confirmation numbers can be imported through 3rd-party registration systems or ticket-sellers if that’s how you handled registration.
  • Attendees may opt-in to share information such as their picture or personal web site. If they opt-in, their name and picture will be listed in the “Who’s attending” section of the published material.
  • Attendees may register for individual capacity-limited items, or sign-up for the wait-list, if capacity is not available for an item that interests them.

As mentioned above, you can start entering attendees yourself or import a list of attendees from 3rd-party registration systems. If you import a list of attendees, it’s recommended that you import their unique attendee identifiers (often a number) and the registration confirmation numbers. This will help in identifying attendees in the future if they wish to sign-up for items that require sign-up.

A note about importing attendees: When you import lists of attendees from 3rd-party registration systems, it may happen that you need to re-import lists multiple times, such as when you list of registered attendees grows from week to week. This can lead to problems when two attendees have the same first and last name, a situation that can happen especially in larger events.

To avoid duplicating lists of attendees, you need to make sure that your original data source uses a unique numerical identifier for each person in your list. Importing this unique numerical identifier into Grenadine’s datasource_dbid field will allow our planner to understand when a person is unique, and will not import duplicates in your list.

Importable fields

Here is a list of importable information fields for importing lists of people into the Grenadine Event Planner:

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip or Postal Code
State or Province
Phone Number
Registration Number
Registration Type
Datasource DBID (the unique identifier from your 3rd-party list)

Getting attendee information through surveys

If you need to collect extra information from prospective attendees, you can also do so by sending out an attendee survey.