Create a registration form and ticket sale

“Registration and Ticketing” is a tool in your event management software that allows the event manager to sell tickets, create free ones, and add registration forms.

To create tickets, head on over your Grenadine Event Planner “home page” and click the “tickets” menu item. Then add as many ticket types as you need and fill the blanks:

  • Ticket name
  • Registration type → Add a short description to help the organizer recognize which ticket people bought
  • Description → Add a description. This is seen by the ticket purchasers and helps them see what this ticket is for.
  • Add the number of tickets available, the availability date, the price, and all other required information.
  • You can also select advanced options such as a minimum and maximum per order, etc.

Then, click on “save changes” and your tickets are ready to be sold !

Registration reports

Also, you can monitor sales and registrations by clicking on the link “registration reports”, export lists of tickets sold and check the number of orders and sales.

Registration forms

You can add questions to the registration form, to know more about your clients and their needs. For example, if you organize a cocktail, you can ask for any allergy, or intolerance to any kind of food. A form is a small “questionnaire” that you can use to collect more information at registration time.

  • Click on “Registration form” , add a new form, enter the name and create questions.
  • You can also add a “regex” which helps control if the answer’s content is appropriate.
  • When you’ve created all the questions you need the buyer to answer, then save changes.

Registration messages

Registration messages are short messages that are displayed on the ticket purchase confirmation screen, as well as on the ticket that purchasers receive via email. You can use registration messages to include information such as what to wear, what to bring, where to meet, what is your refund policy, etc.

  • Click on “Registration messages” to send a  message to your attendees when they registered
  • Registration messages can be attached to any ticket type in the ticket type definition section.


You can create special classes of tickets, or reduced-priced tickets, that are only available with “Coupons“. Coupons are used to allow a group of people (those who know the coupon code) to see some types of tickets which are hidden from everyone else. At this time, you cannot use coupons to provide rebates or “buy x get y free” style promotions. If you need to provide special pricing (student tickets, early bird, etc.) then you can create separate ticket types.

Once you’re on the coupon creation screen, simply fill in the blanks:

  • Give a name to the coupon
  • Enter the Coupon’s code (that is the code that you will distribute to users)
  • Fill the availability dates and number of places available
  • Select the ticket types that will become visible when a person enters this coupon code.
  • Click on “save changes“.