Collecting participant or attendee information through email surveys

Grenadine Event Planner can assist your team in collecting information from participants or attendees through the use of email surveys. Surveys can be send through the Event Planner to any person in your list to collect information on things like:

For participants

  • Wether they will attend or not
  • What are the things they want to present/talk about
  • What areas are or interest to them
  • What is their bio
  • Picture
  • What is their availability
  • …many other information that your planning team may require

For attendees

  • Wether they want to attend
  • If they have meal preferences
  • Wether they need information on parking or lodging
  • Wether they will opt-in to special functions that you’ll be holding
  • Information on things like handedness (left-handed or right-handed), for things like golf tournaments or sports activities
  • …and any other information that you need to collect

Survey system set-up

Before starting creating and sending out surveys, first navigate to Settings → System Settings and choose “Email addresses” to make sure that all of your return email addresses are set-up correctly. The various email addresses in here will be used to send your surveys and to test your surveys with your internal email addresses before actually sending them to participants.

Creating a participant or attendee survey

When you have confirmed all of your email addresses (as above), start creating a survey by pointing your browser to Surveys → Manage Surveys and selecting “Add Survey”. Each survey will have at least:

  • A full and descriptive name
  • An “alias” (a short name for reference purposes)
  • A welcome message, inviting participants to answer
  • A thank you message, presented to participants once they have completed the survey
  • A submit string (i.e. the text on the button to submit your answers)
  • The URL of a header image (probably your event’s logo or something similar)

Optionally, event surveys may also use authentication, which means that respondents would have to log-in in order to fill-up the survey.

More details on survey creation

Accessing completed survey data

Once you’ve received completed surveys, each survey response is stored within individual person’s files under the Survey tab. You can view completed survey results for individual respondents in this way.

If you need to compile data across all responses, you can access Surveys → Survey Reports and create custom survey queries for any answer and response combination that you need to see.

For example, you could create queries to see:

  • Who answered “Spanish” in the question “Spoken languages”
  • Who answered “Left handed” in the “Sport preference” question
  • Who did not answer the question “Do you have any time constraints?”
  • Who did not provide an answer to the question “Please provide contact information”
  • etc.