Enter the list of participants

Use this screen to enter the list of participants for your event. Participants are people that give presentations, host talks, participate in panels, etc. Basically, anyone who might be assigned to items at your event and will need a schedule needs to be entered here. For each participant in your event, you can:

  • Supply their contact information
  • Enter a short biography (for publication in paper programs, on the mobile apps and on the instant event web site)
  • Upload a public picture
  • Enter some tags that refer to what the participant is interested in / what is his field of expertise
  • Specify the dates during which the participant is available to give a talk or participate in a panel, etc.
  • Contribute some private or public documents such as Word biographies or informational PDFs
  • Assign some tasks and write some notes
  • Or specify some costs that you’ll need to pay for this person to participate (speaking fees, travel fees, etc.)

You may need to include all attendees in the People grid and not just participants. For example, if you are implementing registration for specific items such as workshops, small meetings and the like, you need to include all attending members in the People grid. When you add attending members, you’re including their name, E-mail, address and registration status. See “Limited-capacity and sign-up required events” on the Enter your program items page for more information.

If Grenadine is also being used for registration, anyone who buys a membership is automatically included in the People grid.

What’s that thing on the right with keywords?

Tags. The Grenadine Event Planner uses tags in many places to help you keep track of who wants to participate in/present what. Once participants have tags assigned to their profiles, use this section to click on a keyword to filter the participant list and see who’s interested in related things.

An example of tags used in the Participants List of the Grenadine Event Planner

Tips for participant pictures

  • Participant pictures will be used in the Conference Mobile Apps in the participant directory, in the details of a presentation or item, and also in the automatically generated instant event web site or your own event web site when you use the schedule publishing snippet
  • It can look nicer visually to stick to a uniform tonal scheme for pictures: use all gray scale or all color pictures, but mix and matching in some cases can look cluttered
  • Since the pictures will be small in the mobile apps, try to use pictures that are large enough around the face, rather than full-body pictures. Also, square aspect ratios usually work better, since the pictures will be displayed in square and circle-shaped containers.
  • POWER TIP: It’s not necessary to constantly mess with Photoshop to alter pictures to change the size or center the face before uploading them into the Grenadine Event Planner. Grenadine will automatically resize most pictures and center the face automatically around a person’s face. Smart!