Entering General Information About your Event

Before you start planning your event, there are a few things you should do to properly configure your installation of the Event Management System. General information are things like:

  • The name of your conference
  • The time zone 1) where it will be held
  • Types of rooms and equipment that you will be using
  • The base currency for your event budgets and expenses
  • Etc.

First things first

The first thing you should do is head on over to Settings → System Settings and Settings → Event Setup and review a few settings to make sure that they match your requirements.

  • Check the name, location and time zone. This is the basic information about your event. Don’t forget to specify the correct time zone, because that’s the time in which your attendees will see your schedule.
  • Conference information. Check this simple screen to make sure that your conference name is correct, and especially that the time zone is correct (important for scheduling) and that the length is OK. You can always change the length of your conference later, but reducing the length may be more problematic.
  • Enter information about the venue or venues where your event will take place. For each venue, you can specify a street address which will be displayed in text and on a map for your attendees to see.
  • Invitation categories. Types of people to identify in Grenadine – guests of honor, panelists, staff, attendees
  • Check the item formats. Will you have interviews during your event? Readings? Panels or presentations? Input the item formats that you will need here and you can use them later on to specify what format each item in your schedule will use.
  • Define Grenadine users. If other people are working on Grenadine with you, set up accounts for them.
  • Specify your email addresses. Because the Grenadine system allows you to send emails to all the people involved in your event, either as presenters, staff or as attendees, you should take a second to make sure that the “reply-to” and some other email addresses are correct for your needs. The “reply-to” address is important because that’s where messages will go when people reply to emails that you will send in the future.

There are more settings options, but you can define this later. These set-up options include:

  • List the room setups. In this screen, you need to specify what kinds of room setups you need to use during your event, such as “Large Rounds”, “Workshop”, “Theatre-Style”, etc.
  • Check the list of equipment. This is where you can specify what kinds of equipment you usually deal with.
  • Customize your chart of accounts, if needed. The Grenadine Planner uses a series of accounts to track your budgets, income and expense for your event. If you want the accounts to match those of your internal accounting system, this is the place to ensure the list and account IDs match what you need.
  • Data sources for importing, if needed. If you are importing information from existing spreadsheets, you can define which information to import into Grenadine.

It’s important to specify the correct time zone because all scheduling is displayed in local time. Also, many users of your event mobile app may install the app several days before your event, while they are in another time zone.