Entering Program Items

Program items are things that are scheduled in your event program. This can include presentations, panels, parties, meetings, shows, etc. Basically, anything that you will need to schedule and have displayed in your public schedule and documents, you will need to enter in the program items list.

To enter program items, head on over to Program → Items. For each program item, specify as much information as you know:

  • The title of the item, short title and description
  • The format (panel, presentation, party, etc.)
  • The planned duration (in minutes)
  • Whether to print it on the program and on the mobile apps
  • What is the number of people (min and max) necessary to make this item happen/take place (this will be used for planning purposes when you assign people to that item)
  • What visual size you want the item to have in your mobile apps (a “small” item has a small tile and less visual impact, whereas a “large” tile will take more space in the schedule visually and will be more noticeable by the attendees)
  • What are the pieces of equipment that you need (projectors, mikes, etc.)
  • Any tasks that will need to get done, or notes that will help others
  • Costs that will be incurred (or revenues, in the case of paying items)
  • Documents (public or not) that will serve as helpers to your team or that will be published to all of your attendees. For example, if your speaker will want to distribute a PDF during his presentation, this is the place to publish this.

Limited-capacity and sign-up required events

Your event may have special items, such as workshops, classes, VIP events, parties, etc. where you need to limit to the number of people allowed to attend. For these limited-attendance items, Grenadine Planner allows you to set item registration and define the following information:

  • Registration Required requires people to sign-up for the item in advance so they can attend.
  • Max Registrations sets the number of people who can register.
  • Max Waiting List sets the number of people who can be added to the wait-list. If a person cancels their sign-up, then the first person booked on the wait-list will automatically be moved to the registered status.

We recommend adding a note to the item registration saying when item registration closes, whether there is an additional charge for attending the item and how to pay for additional charge. You will need to describe item registration sign-up on your Website; here is recommended documentation for online item sign-up.

All registrations, wait-lists and cancellations are confirmed to the attendee by email.

Uploading images for program items

For each item, you can also upload up to two images will be used in displaying the item in the conference mobile apps.

A “medium card image” is used only for items that have a tile size of “medium”, and a “large card image” is used for all items.

Here’s an example of a program item (“Distributed Version Control”) that is using a “medium-sized” tile in the Android Conference App. As you can see, a square image is displayed next to the item to attract visual attention in the schedule listing view. The large image is used in the details panel.

(Above, an example of a schedule item that uses a “medium” tile and that has a picture attached to it. The item takes up more visual importance within the mobile conference app.)