Grouping items on your schedule

When you have complicated event schedules, sometimes you need to group things in order to help your guests navigate your schedule and find what they need or what interests them. To organize your schedules, Grenadine Event Planner offers four ways to group your items: Grouping by track or theme Grouping by keyword Grouping by parent-child relationship […]

Setting up taxes for tickets in the Grenadine Event planner software

Sales taxes In this section, you can specify which sales taxes can be used for selling tickets by filling in the blanks: Name: put the name of the sales tax you want to apply Enter the tax number of your company given by the government taxes authority “Tax type”: There are special treatments to certain taxes […]

Attendees and guests

Attendees and guests are people that will be visiting your event but not otherwise participating as speakers, lecturers, artists or moderators. You enter (or import) a list of attendees in the Grenadine Event Planner much the same way as you would enter participants, except for these few differences: Attendees may be officially registered and have […]

Online Item Sign-up

Recommended Documentation for an Event’s Website – Need to make generic Quick Reference for Online Signup for Kaffee Klatches For many years, conventions have used signup sheets at Information for items like Kaffee Klatches, Literary Beers and some workshops. Now that most people have computers, we’ve moved signups more online. We have signups for items […]

Uploading documents to your event planning site

You can upload and store public or private documents for each of your events using the Grenadine Event Planner. Documents such as contracts, invoices or bills, seating plans, menus or any other kind of reference document can be attached to the following items: Rooms (within venues) People (both speakers/participants or attendees) Calendar items within your […]

Setting tasks for your event planning team

With the Grenadine Event Planner, you can set and follow-up on tasks for members of your event planning team. Each task has a description, due date, assignee, and can also be accompanied by one or more notes and uploaded documents. To assist you in relating tasks where they are relevant, you can set tasks in […]

Chart of Accounts for Event Planning

Here is the default chart of accounts suggested by the Grenadine Event Planner. These accounts are used for event budgets and cost tracking. Account Name Type Account ID Audiovisual Equipment Rental expense 1440 Booth Furnishings expense 1001 Booth Rental Fees expense 1000 Cleaning and Janitorial expense 1320 Clothing expense 20004 Computer Rental expense 1310 Convention […]

How Drafts Work

We know that conferences take lots of time to organize and plan, and we know that sometimes there will be endless opportunities for you and your team to view, review, change and review your schedules again. For this reason, Grenadine Planner works in draft mode until you decide that you are ready to publish your […]

Overview of the Event Planning Process with the Grenadine Event Planner System

Grenadine Event Planner is a software suite meant to help conference, convention and event planners work with their teams to create event plans and publish results to attendees. Grenadine provides many other features, including conference registration and financial planning tools. Planning a conference with the Grenadine Event Planner is carried out in a series of […]

Introduction to Grenadine Event Planner

Grenadine Event Planner enables you to easily plan and run the program for a large or small genre convention. You can use this program to perform the many varied tasks involved in creating and running the program: Create a questionnaire for participants Customize item categories Add people to the database Track invitations Create items Schedule […]

Setting your email addresses

Grenadine Event Planner uses several email addresses when it interacts with your attendees and your speakers. If you haven’t checked what email addresses are used it’s important to take a few minutes and set them up properly for your account. To set up email addresses, go to Settings -> System Settings and navigate to the […]

About merging duplicate people profiles

Sometimes people use different names to purchase tickets, or you put up their profile with one name, and they purchase a ticket with a slightly different names. In these cases, it’s possible that the same person winds up with two different entries in your People table, even though they are in fact the same person. […]

User rights

Grenadine User Rights Overview Here is a high level overview of user rights in Grenadine Event Planner: Checkin A checkin user can only use the “check-in” screen and check-in mobile apps to check in people at your event. Viewer A viewer can view the information in the system but can not execute any actions such as […]