Create a registration form and ticket sale

“Registration and Ticketing” is a tool in your event management software that allows the event manager to sell tickets, create free ones, and add registration forms. To create tickets, head on over your Grenadine Event Planner “home page” and click the “tickets” menu item. Then add as many ticket types as you need and fill the blanks: Ticket name Registration type […]

Send push messages to your attendees and speakers

From the home page of your event planner interface, go to “messages”. Then hit the “mobile push notification” button, and “send a new message”. Write the message (and an optional title) you want your audience to receive and press “save changes”. Your message will be sent within a few seconds. Then, your attendees and speakers […]

Creating a Survey

When you navigate to the “Survey” page there are two sub-menus. The one called “manage surveys” is used for creating surveys for your convention. Surveys can be created by using the “Add Survey” button. (You can also delete a survey by using the button with the trash icon). These surveys are only visible to people […]

Send emails to participants and attendees

You can use the Grenadine Event Planner to send emails out to prospective or confirmed participants and attendees in your event. When you send out emails, every sent email will be logged and kept within the file of the participant or attendee within the “emails” tab of the People section. Before you start sending Before […]

Setting Event Budgets and Tracking Costs

Grenadine Event Planner helps you set event budgets and track costs so that you can stay on top of finances during your event planning and execution phases. A note about currencies: Because the Grenadine Planner supports multiple currencies and exchange rates, before you get started with budgeting and cost tracking, make sure to go to […]

Getting and entering a mobile app code for your conference

When users first install the Grenadine Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences, they are presented with a screen asking them to enter the“event code”. This code is unique to your conference or event and will be created by Grenadine support when you are ready to publish your schedules, contents and other information on the mobile […]

Importing Event Schedules and Speakers data into Adobe InDesign

When you host large events, it’s useful to make your event schedules and lists of speakers available to you attendees in various forms. While the Grenadine Event Software allows you to publish on Web and Mobile with very little effort, there can be circumstances when you need to hire graphics artists to produce and print […]

Publishing your conference schedule and list of attendees

Publishing your schedule on the Grenadine Event Planner is quite a simple affair and consists of only two steps: Review your changes prior to publication Publish Once you publish your information, it becomes available to the public via one of three ways: On the Grenadine Event Guide for iPhone or Android On an automatically-generated Grenadine […]

Creating and Publishing Contents for the Android and iOS Conference Apps

There are two types of contents that you can distribute to your event attendees with the Grenadine Mobile Apps: Schedule and speaker bios, which are automated Informational contents such as text, attached documents, how to contact us, and other contents that you think can be of interest, which you will need to author The first […]

Schedule your conference items

There are two basic steps that you use to schedule conference items in the Grenadine Event Planner: Schedule each item individually View conflicts and resolve them Scheduling an item individually To schedule a conference item, go to the Program Items → Items screen and pick an item from the list. Click on the Edit button […]

Collecting participant or attendee information through email surveys

Grenadine Event Planner can assist your team in collecting information from participants or attendees through the use of email surveys. Surveys can be send through the Event Planner to any person in your list to collect information on things like: For participants Wether they will attend or not What are the things they want to […]

Entering Program Items

Program items are things that are scheduled in your event program. This can include presentations, panels, parties, meetings, shows, etc. Basically, anything that you will need to schedule and have displayed in your public schedule and documents, you will need to enter in the program items list. To enter program items, head on over to […]

Enter the list of participants

Use this screen to enter the list of participants for your event. Participants are people that give presentations, host talks, participate in panels, etc. Basically, anyone who might be assigned to items at your event and will need a schedule needs to be entered here. For each participant in your event, you can: Supply their […]

Entering Venues and Rooms

Your event will be held somewhere, right? Use this screen to enter the venue or list of venues where you event will take place. Venues can be hotels, convention centers, office locations, etc. Add one or more venue names by clicking on the “Add Venue” button and then add the various rooms within each venue […]

How to log in to Grenadine Event Guide

Here are (graphical) steps to log in to the Grenadine Event Guide. Note that it is not necessary to log in to use the app and view general event schedules. However, if you log in, your personal schedule will be synced between mobile apps, web, and the event organizer. Steps are outlined for the Grenadine […]

Entering General Information About your Event

Before you start planning your event, there are a few things you should do to properly configure your installation of the Event Management System. General information are things like: The name of your conference The time zone 1) where it will be held Types of rooms and equipment that you will be using The base […]

Assign Participants to your Program Items

This is the step where you decide what participant will be involved with what item. To assign participants to items, head on over to Program → (select an item) → People Tab and start assigning people to events by clicking the “Assign Participants” button. From the participant selection panel on the left, choose one or […]

How to Login on the Event Guide and Sync your schedule

Download the app on the store Our mobile apps allow you to easily sync your personal schedule with your devices using the email you have associated with the Grenadine Event Planner. Download the corresponding app for your device and follow the steps. Login on the Event Guide Note: We used an Android device for the […]