How to Login on the Event Guide and Sync your schedule

Download the app on the store

Our mobile apps allow you to easily sync your personal schedule with your devices using the email you have associated with the Grenadine Event Planner.

Download the corresponding app for your device and follow the steps.

Login on the Event Guide

Note: We used an Android device for the following example, but the different steps remain the same for an iOS device.

For this tutorial, we’re synchronizing the schedule of Alissa McKersie, a Participant of the Staircase Conference.

  • Download the Event Guide: access to the conference using the associated Event Code
  • Login on the Option Screen: go to the Option Screen and tap on “Logged-in Account”
  • Login with your Email Address: use the email address that you provided for the Grenadine Event Planner
  • Follow the instructions on the received email
  • Go back to the app and update status: your status become “Confirmed”, then update the Conference
  • See your assignments on your Program: go to your Program and see the items that have been assigned to you



Now that your personal program is synchronized, you can easily update it and any change will be reflected on all of your devices!