Publishing your conference schedule and list of attendees

Publishing your schedule on the Grenadine Event Planner is quite a simple affair and consists of only two steps:

  1. Review your changes prior to publication
  2. Publish

Once you publish your information, it becomes available to the public via one of three ways:

  • On the Grenadine Event Guide for iPhone or Android
  • On an automatically-generated Grenadine Instant Event Web Site
  • On your own, custom event Web site through the use of one of the Grenadine web publishing HTML snippets

Sometimes, event organizers hire graphics designers to produce printed programs or brochures for their events. While the Grenadine Planner doesn’t produce those printed materials directly, if those printed guides need to contain data that come from your event planning software, you can also use some of our event data exports to integrate event schedules and lists of speakers in Adobe InDesign.

A note about publishing to mobile apps: Before you get started with publishing on the mobile apps, first make sure that you have obtained a mobile app code from Grenadine.

Reviewing your changes prior to publication

Before publishing your schedule, it’s generally a good idea to quickly review what you are about to publish to make sure that everything is as you expect it. To review recent changes since your last publication, simply navigate over to Publications → Online and choose the choice“Review items to be published” from the left menu. This will display a list of items that you have recently changed, added or deleted. It will also display a quick list of the people that you have changed, added or deleted.

Review this list to see if it is what you expect. If you have made some changes to a particular item but do not see them in this list, make sure that you have checked the box “for print” in the item in question and come back to check that it appears (if you uncheck the “for print” checkbox, items will not be published to either paper or electronic).

Publishing your event information

Once you have reviewed what you’re about to publish and it looks good, select “Publish” from the left menu and click the “Schedule Publish”button to launch the publishing job.

Now sit back, and all your changes should be published within a short moment.

Once publication is complete, you can check your mobile app and/or event web sites to see that everything appears OK. Instant Event Web Sites and Web publishing snippets are updated immediately, whereas the mobile apps periodically refresh all newly published contents and all of your event attendees get published changes within a few moments. If you want to see changes immediately in the mobile apps, you can select “Refresh” from the mobile app and immediately load all newly created events and speakers.

The front page of an instant event Web site generated by the Grenadine Event Planner. Attendees can browse the program, the list of speakers and the details of each item. Attendees can also sign-up for space-limited items or special events by using a Grenadine ID or by logging-in with a social-media account.