Schedule your conference items

There are two basic steps that you use to schedule conference items in the Grenadine Event Planner:

  1. Schedule each item individually
  2. View conflicts and resolve them

Scheduling an item individually

To schedule a conference item, go to the Program Items → Items screen and pick an item from the list. Click on the Edit button and set the scheduling details such as:

  • Start Time
  • Duration (in minutes)
  • Room

Save your changes and then assign participants, if not already done. To assign one or more participants to your item, keep your item selected in the list and look below in the details panel and click “Assign Participants”.

Viewing the conference calendar and resolving scheduling conflicts

Once your item is scheduled, you should be able to go to the Schedule screen and see it visually on the calendar. From there, if there are conflicts, you can move things around directly on the calendar, or if there are too many items for this to be practical, you can go back to the item details and modify the time yourself. Note that from the Schedule view, you can move an item from start time to start time, and you can also move it from room to room, but you cannot change the day or change its duration.

Here is an example of the visual conference schedule: