Send emails to participants and attendees

You can use the Grenadine Event Planner to send emails out to prospective or confirmed participants and attendees in your event. When you send out emails, every sent email will be logged and kept within the file of the participant or attendee within the “emails” tab of the People section.

Before you start sending

Before starting to send emails, first navigate to Settings → System Settings and choose “Email addresses” to make sure that all of your return email addresses are set-up correctly. The various email addresses in here will be used to send out your mails with the correct return email addresses.

Email Templates

Once you’re ready to send email messages, first prepare communication by creating an email template:

  • Go to Emails → Mail Templates and create a new mail template which will contain the text that you want to send. You can write an email text from a blank page or start with one of the predefined email templates.

    While writing your email text, you can use one of the following email merge fields:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Personal event survey key
    • Person’s participant assignments
    • List of person’s survey responses
  • When defining your template, you can choose the “use” for this template. Emails can have the following uses:

    • Invite: the mail is used to invite participants or attendees to your event
    • Schedule: the mail is used to send their schedules to participants and attendees (that is, the calendar items that they are attending or in which they have a speaking role of some sort)
    • Completed Survey: the mail is used to thank participants or attendees after they have completed a survey
    • Declined Survey: the mail is used to remind participants or attendees that they have yet to fill out a survey
    • General: the mail contains a general informational message that doesn’t fall into any of the other above categories
  • Set the person’s invitation status: When you send out an email to invite speakers or attendees, it’s important to tell the Grenadine Event Planner how to set the person’s invitation status once the mail has been sent.

    Use the Invitation Status field to select what that status should be set to: Invited (the person has been invited to attend or speak at your event), Volunteered (the person is marked as having volunteered at your event), or Invite Pending (the message is a pre-event message and is not yet considered an invitation to attend or speak).

Sending an event invitation or an event information email

Because emails within the Grenadine Event Planner are sent out in batches, when you’re ready to send out messages, you need to prepare amailing and tell the planner who should receive that email batch.

To create a new event mailing, go to Emails → Manage Mailings and create a new mailing batch. For each batch, you can select the recipients that should receive that mail in the Recipients section.

A note about email testing: To avoid sending out large quantities of event invitations or confirmations that contain errors, the Grenadine Event Planner allows you to execute “email trial runs”. An email trial run sends out all emails to your own email address rather than to the actual recipient’s real email addresses. Using trial runs can help you make sure that your invitation, schedule or other event message is correctly formatted before proceeding.

When you send out an email batch, each individually sent email will be logged and kept within the file of the participant or attendee within the “emails” tab of the People section.