Setting tasks for your event planning team

With the Grenadine Event Planner, you can set and follow-up on tasks for members of your event planning team. Each task has a description, due date, assignee, and can also be accompanied by one or more notes and uploaded documents. To assist you in relating tasks where they are relevant, you can set tasks in the following contexts:

  • You can set a task for a room in one of your venues
  • You can set a task that’s related to a guest or a speaker
  • You can set a task that’s related to a presentation or item on your event calendar
  • or you can set a general task that’s not related in any specific way to a room, guest or calendar item

No matter where or when you set tasks during your planning process, you can view all of the tasks (completed and not completed) in the general tasks panel with menu Tasks. All of the tasks are listed, sortable, and editable, and any relation to a specific item in your plan is indicated for your convenience.

Tips for setting tasks

Here are some tips for setting tasks:

When you assign a complex task to a member of your planning team, you can upload and attach any Word, PDF, Excel or other documentwith the task. This will help the team member by providing full information about the task. Use uploaded documents for things like contracts, work orders, receipts and drawings or seat layout diagrams.
Although tasks can sometimes result in out-of-pocket costs, or even income, those financial items are entered in the financial section of the Grenadine Planner.