Uploading documents to your event planning site

You can upload and store public or private documents for each of your events using the Grenadine Event Planner. Documents such as contracts, invoices or bills, seating plans, menus or any other kind of reference document can be attached to the following items:

  • Rooms (within venues)
  • People (both speakers/participants or attendees)
  • Calendar items within your program
  • Cost items or budget items
  • or simply in the general storage area for your event plan.

When you contribute a document, it is either private (available only to members of your event planning team) or public.

Public documents

Public documents are accessible by anyone viewing your event program, either on the Web or using the mobile apps. When you mark a document as “public”, it is published in the following places:

  • On the Grenadine Event mobile apps, under program items or under speaker details
  • On the Grenadine Instant Event Web site, also under program items or speaker details
  • On your own web site, if you publish your program and list of speakers using one of the Grenadine Web publishing snippets

Tips for documents

Since public documents are by definition fully public, they can be accessed by all of your attendees, and potentially anyone on the Web that knows the link to it. To make sure that only the documents that you want to make public are marked as such, you can go to Notes & Documents → Documents and review the full list of attached documents for your event to make sure that no private documents have accidentally been marked as public by one of your event team members.