About merging duplicate people profiles

Sometimes people use different names to purchase tickets, or you put up their profile with one name, and they purchase a ticket with a slightly different names. In these cases, it’s possible that the same person winds up with two different entries in your People table, even though they are in fact the same person. In these cases, you can select the duplicate person profiles and “Merge” them into a single profile, which combines most information from both people profiles. When you merge two people into a single, merged profile, we keep some information, combine some information, and discard some information as set out in the table below. For merging purposes, there is a “from” profile and a “to” profile.
Information We keep the “from” information only We keep the “to” information if there is any, if not, we copy from the “from” We keep both
Name (including Company and Title) x
Speaker Status (Invite status, Acceptance status, Invitation Category, Survey code) x
Registration (Registration number, Type and sharing details flag) x
Contact information (Address, Email address, Phone) x
Published Info (Bio, Facebook link, Photo, Web site link, Twitter link, Other social media link) x
Surveys x
Availability x
Program assignments x
Email history x
Requirements x
Documents x
Notes x
Finance amounts x
Tasks x
Tags x
Mobile app profiles x