Introduction to Grenadine Event Planner

Grenadine Event Planner enables you to easily plan and run the program for a large or small genre convention. You can use this program to perform the many varied tasks involved in creating and running the program:
  • Create a questionnaire for participants
  • Customize item categories
  • Add people to the database
  • Track invitations
  • Create items
  • Schedule items
  • Track equipment assignments
  • Generate schedules
  • Identify conflicts
  • Create reports:
    • Schedule by item, by room, by date and time
    • Room signs
    • Back-of-badge participant labels
    • Table name cards
    • Change reports
This document provides the information you need to create, plan, and modify your convention program. See the Grenadine Event Planner wiki to find out about the other areas in which the software can help you plan and run your convention:
  • Budgeting and Spend Management Module – Plan your event income and expenses and track your actual spending throughout the event planning cycle
  • Event Planning Task Management Module – Keep track of tasks that must be completed by your team members in order to properly execute your event