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Event organization software and mobile apps

What services do you provide?

We provide a software solution to help you organize your conventions, conferences, events and large meetings. Our solution has two parts: one part is a web-based planning tool which you can use to invite speakers, plan schedules, reserve rooms and equipment and resolve scheduling conflicts. The second part is a set of mobile apps for convention-goers and attendees. These apps allow attendees to view schedules, build their own schedule, add items to their calendars and get alerted of last-minute changes and other important information. Our mobile apps are themable, which means that you can apply the logos, colors and images to match your event’s marketing look and feel.

I have my own web site to advertise my event, can I integrate this with your planning system?

Yes. We offer an HTML snippet which you can use to publish your full schedule right within your own web site. The published schedule will always be up-to-date and it will be in sync with the schedule published on the event mobile apps. Users can use the published event schedule to browse and add items to their personal calendar.

How long will it take to set-up?

Just a few minutes. Tell us the name of your initial conference or event, give us minimal information such as the main user’s name and email address, and we’ll have you set up in no time! Contact us for a free demo with no obligation!

How much will it cost?

The Grenadine Event Planner is offered entirely as a cloud-delivered service. Pricing is on a subscription basis per user and per month.

Your cost will depend on the number of users that will be planning events. Several plans are offered, which vary according to how many events you need to plan in a year as well as the amount of customization you require, if any, for the event mobile apps. For example, you may choose to use a generic look & feel in situations where branding is not of utmost importance, or you may wish to have a completely branded app with your own name and your own convention app right in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Contact us to find out the options and pricing details.

Can I plan more than one event with the Event Planner?

Yes. If you select a multi-event plan, you can plan many events simultaneously, or many events that happen at different times of the year. When planning many different events, you can also share data between events, such as venue and room information, as well as presenters/assistants and other pertinent data. This will avoid re-keying repetitive information between events.

Can I integrate other computer systems via APIs?

Yes. Grenadine Event Planner offers a number of REST JSON APIs that you can use to integrate our platform with 3rd parties, or with your own internal computer system. Our JSON APIs work on a “publishing” basis, meaning that information exposed by the APIs is information that you have determined is ready for publishing to the public.

The Grenadine Event Planner APIs cover the following functionality:

  • Getting general event information such as start date, location, etc.
  • Getting Event Schedule
  • Getting the list of confirmed participants (that is, the people who are confirmed to be presenting or speaking at your event)
  • Getting the list of all speakers
  • Getting the color scheme and decorative images for the mobile apps and web sites of your event
  • Getting recent program updates to your event schedule
  • Registering a person to your event
  • Getting or setting registration details for an attendee
  • Searching for a registered attendee at your event
  • …and many more types of data manipulation for your event data

You can also integrate your published calendar into your own WordPress or Drupal or HTML web site using our Event Program/Calendar Publishing Snippet. Using this snippet, your attendees can use your branded web site and view your up-to-date event calendar without you having to enter data twice (once in your web site and once in the Grenadine Planner). Attendees can also view the list of speakers, their role in each presentation, the time of each event, the venue and room, and add events to their Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or any other iCal compliant calendar of their choice.

Can I publish my event calendar to the world?

Yes. There are two options to publish your event calendar.

Option #1: You can publish your event calendar or program in your own Wordpress or Drupal or HTML website using our Event Program/Calendar Publishing Snippet. Using this snippet, your attendees can use your branded website and view your up-to-date event calendar without you having to enter data twice (once on your website and once in the Grenadine Planner). Attendees can also view the list of speakers, their role in each presentation, the time of each event, the venue and room, and add events to their Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or any other iCal compliant calendar of their choice.

Option #2: Use a pre-generated event website built by Grenadine. As soon as you publish some data, the Grenadine Event Software generates an instant and complete website for your event. This website is accessible to the public and allows prospective attendees to view schedules, view lists of speakers, sign-up for space-limited events and build their own schedule. See more information on the Grenadine Instant Event Web sites.

Will my event have its own app in the iTunes App Store / Google Play Store?

We offer this as an option. By default, our app is fully themable and will allow you to select text colors, title colors, background colors, alert colors, default event pictures, color/black and white speaker pictures and several other aspects related to the look and feel of the app.

As an option, we also provide you with the option to have your own convention/conference app, under your own name, published to the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. This will allow your attendees to search for your app by the name of your event and will provide them with a completely white-labeled mobile experience.

Languages: Does your app and web conference-planning tool support other languages besides English?

Yes. Our conference-planning system supports publishing event information in almost any language (technically the system uses UTF-8 for character encoding). The administrative screens that your organizers will work with during their pre-conference planning activities are available in both English and French.

Will it work in all popular web browsers?

Yes. Our web-based conference-planning tool supports all major browsers and also browsers on iPads and Android tablets. Members of distributed teams can use the web-based tools to collaborate in real-time or each in their time zone from anywhere in the world!

Event Registration and Ticket Selling

What currencies can I sell my event tickets in?

Grenadine supports selling tickets for your event in USD, CAD, EUR and GBP currencies. If you use our preferred payment provider, depending on your country or origin, you can also sell event tickets in other currencies such as Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Singapore dollars and others. Please see the list of supported currencies on the website at this address: Which currencies does Stripe support?

Does Grenadine charge an event ticket fee for free tickets?

No. Free tickets are free and do not have any additional processing fee from Grenadine. You can sell paid tickets, take free registrations, or also use a mix of both paid and free tickets.

When you take free registrations, the wording on your event registration shopping cart changes slightly, but the checkout process remains the same, with the exception that the payment step is skipped. Customers receive their event tickets by email just as they would for paid tickets, and you can check them in using the Grenadine Ticket Scanner app just as you would for paid ticket holders.

What is the fee that Grenadine charges to sell event tickets?

You can find the fee structure charged by Grenadine for selling your event tickets here: Registration and tickets pricing page.

How long do I have to wait to receive the proceeds of my event registration?

Grenadine does not keep the proceeds of your event ticket sales, nor do your proceeds transit through us. Every time a ticket is sold, net proceeds are immediately deposited in your account, and are deposited to your bank account depending on the schedule that you have set up. Find more information on the payment processing schedule here: Gettind paid.

Does Grenadine support event registration while calculating Canadian taxes such as GST, PST and HST?

Yes. Grenadine Event Planner allows you to set and collect Canadian and non-Canadian sales taxes. For each ticket type, you set the price, as well as any tax amount that you wish to collect. Your tax amounts can be collected for customers of one region only, or for all regions.

We support generic sales taxes as well as Canadian HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and GST (Goods & Services Tax).

Can I sell tickets for add-ons to my event, such as special parties?

Yes. If you have “add-ons” such as special parties, concerts, post-conference tours or any other type of add-on, you can set a special ticket type that is “not registrable”. This means that a person that purchases this ticket is not automatically registered to attend your overall event.

Add-on tickets are purchased at the same time as regular tickets, and there is no difference in the overall checkout process except for the fact that a purchaser is not automatically registered for your overall event (to be registered, the purchaser will also need to purchase an event-registration ticket).

Can I charge different rates for different groups of people? For example students, members, etc.?

You can set up different ticket types by specific item or specific kind of ticket. Add questions to these tickets to check the student number for example

What’s the difference between an event ticket and an item ticket?

An event ticket is a sort of registration for the whole event whereas item ticket can be a ticket you would like to sell for a special event happening in your calendar. It can be a VIP party where you need to sell tickets or a conference with a limited number of seats.

Can I ask extra questions at registration time?

Yes. Ask your attendee all kind of specific questions that could be useful for the event planning by setting up a registration survey to collect extra information you need before the purchase. Set up multiple-choice question, single choice, text box… and set some mandatory ones such as the client or student number, diet, etc.

Can one person buy an event ticket for another person?

Yes, one person can buy a ticket for another. The Grenadine Event Planner allows the purchaser to buy for himself and others if needed. The Event planner asks the purchaser to fill name, family name and email address of each attendee for whom the participant bought the ticket, and send it automatically. This can be useful for a whole family or colleagues who decide to attend the event together.

Can one person buy event tickets for multiple people in one transation?

Yes, one person can buy tickets for multiple people in one transaction. The Grenadine Event Planner allows the purchase to buy himself tickets for a group of people. The Event planner asks the purchaser to fill name, family name and email address of each attendee for whom the participant bought the ticket, and send it automatically. This can be useful for a whole family or colleagues who decide to attend the event together.

I have a maximum per order, can this be handled?

Yes. If you need to limit the number of event tickets or passes that can be purchased at one time, you can set a maximum. Alternatively, if you need to set a minimum, you can specify a minimum quantity that needs to be in the cart before continuing your purchase. For example, if a family event ticket is reserved for those purchasing 4 or more event passes, then you could set 4 as a minimum.

Can I sell early-bird event tickets at different rates than normal tickets?

Yes. You can sell early-bird tickets at different rates and only during a specific period by choosing a start date and end date.

I have tickets that are reserved for special groups, can I hide them from the general public?

Yes. It is possible to have tickets reserved for special groups by creating a specific ticket, and it is also possible to hide them from the general public by creating coupon codes.

Can I issue coupons to people who want to register to my event?

Yes. You can use coupons to reserve tickets for special groups, students, discounted prices or for collecting amounts from sponsors and exhibitors.

I need to give free tickets to certain special guests. How can I do that?

If you need to give free event tickets to certain groups, for example for members, students or special guests, you can set a special ticket type which is available for free. You then hide this ticket type from the public at large using a coupon code, and either distribute that coupon code to those who should have the free tickets, or use it yourself to register those people on their behalf.

In either case, the result is that guests in those special groups will be fully registered for your event, at no cost to them.

How do I check people in as they arrive at my event or conference?

Use the Grenadine Ticket Scanner to check-in guests as they arrive at your event. The Grenadine Ticket Scanner app is a mobile app that works on iPhone and Android Phones. It is used to scan the QR code on each person’s ticket (paper or electronic) and check them in to your event. The app verifies that you don’t check-in the same ticket holder twice.

If an attendee to your event has lost his ticket or conference pass, the Grenadine Ticket Scanner also allows you to search by last name and find that person’s ticket in this way.

Finally, the ticket scanner also allows you to “check out” people from your event, or sessions within your event. This is particularly useful for events that incorporate official training sessions for which you need to verify people’s attendance to full sessions before you emit training certificates.

How can I sell tickets for my event?

  1. Log in to your Grenadine Event Planner account and go to your dashboard.
  2. Click on the event button related to you event planning.
  3. Click on “tickets” to set up you ticket types.
  4. Add a form to ask questions to the purchaser, create coupons for special attendees or ads -on, set up taxes and fees.

Got More Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We’ll be happy to answer any other questions that you may have about our web conference-planning tools, our iOS conference app or our Android conference app. Please contact us at any time either directly by phone at (514) 664-2067 or by email at You can find our full contact information on our contacts page.