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An easy-to-use and truly integrated event management software! Keep track of your speakers and your participants and plan out your schedule. Determine who needs to be where, what equipment they need, and who will be speaking or performing. Promote your event by publishing on the web through an automated generated website. Allow attendees to register online and build their own event schedule by using one-click public-facing websites and mobile apps. Closely monitor the event registration progress and communicate with everyone using our mass email tools. Finally, keep all information up-to-date and launch surveys to get feedback and make data-driven decisions.

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One event planning platform to rule them all

From planning to publishing and everything in between, our event management software got you covered

Grenadine is a truly integrated event management software for your events

Stop duplicating tasks. Connect with all participants and attendees from one place. 

No software to install

Customers from many industries
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Event Planner

A solution to help with your scheduling, mass emailing and budgeting. 

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Event Web Site

Elegant, functional and ready in less than a minute

  • Automatically generated
  • Design and content easily customized

Promote and empower your participants

  • Adaptive and searchable Program viewer
  • Foster your Speakers by publishing their profiles
  • Promote your partners, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Let your speakers and attendees access and build their schedule

Easy registration

  • Allow free and paid tickets (with coupons)
  • Registration forms and messages


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Event Mobile App

A mobile app for your event with zero extra effort

  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Fully integrated with your event data right from the start

Digitize your event further

  • View up-to-date schedules
  • View tickets 
  • View and scan badges
  • Update profile (photo, social networks, and bios)
  • Make your personal schedule and sync it on all your devices
  • Search talks and presenters
  • Send instant push notifications 
  • Attendees can evaluate and comments 

Easy customization

  • Change colors and images to match your brandings
  • Add custom contents to your app


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Dream big, Plan smart, Execute fast!

Grenadine allows you to build your event one step at a time, in a structured and organized manner. At all times, keep a clear view on the overall event and get help to avoid making scheduling conflicts.

Promote your event on an event Web site and mobile app

Connect with the world, make your events known to others and collect data from prospective speakers and attendees.

Publishing an event website has never been easier. No programming knowledge required! Be the master of your own event website and instantly publish any updates or changes with one click! It’s that easy!

Event registration and attendee & speaker management built into one tool

The first true connection starts with event registration.

Get the ball rolling by getting attendees to start registering. With availability dates, early bird specials or full price tickets, registration is custom-made by you!

Event mobile apps with zero extra effort

Native iOS and Android event apps integrated with your event data right from the start.

The Grenadine Event Guide mobile app provides your attendees with a full-featured event assistant before and during the event.

While on the go, the Grenadine Mobile app will be the central point of information for your attendees. Before, during and after the event, keep a real-time connection with your speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

From personalized content to useful information, the mobile app is the guide that will follow everyone, throughout the event.

Go beyond, push the limits with Grenadine event management APIs

A real-time integration to access your event data directly from your systems.

Go beyond pre-made event websites and use our complete suite of APIs to benefit from the features of Grenadine Event Planner in your own software ecosystem.

You have your own system or website, and you need access to your event information. Raise your event to another level with Grenadine’s APIs. Enter information only once, link it with your system, and let the magic happen.

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