Academic Edition

Event Management Specially Tailored to Academics

From Calls for Submission to Mobile Apps, we facilitate the full event management cycle

Centralize the hard part while facilitating decentralized event management 

Grenadine is the only Event Management Software specifically designed to meet the needs of universities and their departments and faculties! Allow your organizational units to manage and organize their events as they want with an all-in-one professional event software under your domain and branding, your online payment solution (integrated with your financial systems to facilitate revenue reconciliation), and your oAuth login providers. Grenadine allows the Academic Organization to centrally support and assist each Department, Faculty, or School. It also provides the perfect balance between the centralization of an organization’s shared services (credit card payment, support, financial services integration, branding, etc.) and freedom of event management for each organizational unit.  

Grenadine offers the ideal solution for universities, colleges, academies, and other educational institutions to offer a comprehensive Event Management solution for their departments, faculties, or schools. For optimal management of multiple Event Software environments in your departments, schools or faculties there is Grenadine Academic Edition.

Many Academics trust Grenadine

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What’s included in the Grenadine Academic Event Planning package?

Everything you and your team needs to plan, collaborate, and present information to your attendees! This package allows you to equip your event organizers with all components of  Grenadine Event Management Software:

  • Grenadine Event Manager (venues, partners, sponsors, people, programs, finance, documents, etc.)
  • Grenadine Call for Submissions (Call For Papers (CFP), Call for Abstracts, etc.)
  • Grenadine Registrations (with credit card payment)
  • Grenadine Event Website (auto-generated)
  • Grenadine Mobile apps.
  • APIs.

Provide “Super Users” with a console allowing them to self-serve the creation of new environments and manage existing ones. “Super Users” within your organization are given privileged access to the console and can manage and access all environments to offer, for example, training or support.

  • Call for Submissions
  • Event planning and management
  • Manage attendees, volunteers, and speakers
  • Communicating to your speakers via mass customized email
  • Build an event program w/o any conflicts
  • Build and send online surveys 
  • Instant event website
  • Searchable and dynamic online program
  • List your speakers & bios
  • Attendee profiles
  • Publish attached documents
  • Self-serve for speakers & attendees
  • Responsive layout
  • On-line Registration
  • Registration forms/surveys
  • Paid or Free tickets
  • Absorb or pass on fees
  • Session-specific tickets
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Space-limited sign-up
  • Wait-lists
  • Coupons
  • Guide w/ Schedules
  • Speakers & Attendees
  • Exhibitors & Sponsors
  • Dynamic updates
  • Real-time push messaging
  • Custom contents
  • Custom colors and schemes
  • Works online and offline
  • Android and iOS

Special features for Academic organizations

  • Using your domain name: each environment is assigned a custom subdomain name. All environments are hosted under your own domain name.
  • Sending e-mails via your corporate e-mail addresses: emails sent from Grenadine (invitations, surveys, tickets, invoices, …) can be sent from a personalized email address.
  • Integrated with your payment gateways: in addition to payment gateways supported by Grenadine by default, we can integrate your own payment gateways.
  • Integrated with your login providers: in addition to login providers supported by Grenadine by default, we can integrate your own login providers.
  • Support and technical assistance: Grenadine’s team provides level 2 support to super users via email, support website and/or phone.

Grenadine is an excellent product. Before this option came around, we used to create our own applications for our customers. It was a lot of work and time to achieve the result our customers expected of us.

Stéphanie Beauchamp

What are the costs?

The Academic edition offers a unique licensing model: the number of organizers, attendees, and participants is not limited. The pricing model is based on the number of registrations and/or submissions per year. It offers flexibility, freedom of use and easy yearly budgeting planning. Please contact us for more info.


Not for you?

If this special plan doesn’t meet your requirements you can still benefit from a 20% discount to our regular plans