Enterprise Edition

Corporate Event Management Software

Provide your teams with a solution allowing them to plan and manage the events of their departments. 

Grenadine offers the perfect solution allowing corporations to:

  • offer a comprehensive event management solution to each of its departments.
  • offer an independent environment to each department to allow them to manage events their way.
  • allow the corporation for centrally support and assist each department.
  • offer credit card payment to each organization unit using the corporate payment gateway

For optimal management of multiple Grenadine environments, we offer Grenadine Enterprise Edition.

A professional event management software for all your departments:

Provide a professional event management software to all of your departments:
– Grenadine Event Manager (venues, partners, sponsors, people, programs, finance, documents, etc.)
– Grenadine Registrations
– Grenadine Event Website (auto-generated)
– Grenadine Mobile apps.
– APIs.

A central administration console

Provide “Super Users” with a console allowing the creation of new environments and the management of existing  ones. Access to the console is given to “Super Users” who can manage and access all instances to offer, for example, training or support.

The Enterprise edition offers a floating licensing mode. Rather than having a license for each user associated with a single environment, this mode limits the number of licenses to the number of users who can use Grenadine simultaneously. In addition, these competing licenses are shared between multiple environments. The number of user accounts is no longer limited.

Using your domain name

Each environment is assigned a custom subdomain name while being hosted under your own domain name.

Sending e-mails via your corporate e-mail addresses

Emails sent from Grenadine (invitations, surveys, tickets, invoices, …) can be sent from a personalized email address.

Integrated with your payment gateways

In addition to payment gateways supported by Grenadine by default, we can integrate your own payment gateways.

Integrated with your login providers

In addition to login providers supported by Grenadine by default, we can integrate your own login providers.

Support and technical assistance

Grenadine’s team provides level 2 support to super users via email, support website and/or phone. 

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