What is an Event Management Software?

Event Management Software (EMS) is the generic term for a wide range of software products that are used in the management of all kind of events such as congresses, professional and academic conferences, conventions, trade exhibitions,  and smaller events such as seminars.

Event Management Softwares can help event managers plan and organize events during the entire life cycle of events management: from planning to post-event activities. 

The most common event management applications are:

  • Event schedule planning (also called Event Programming) 
  • Customized event website creation
  • Online registration including online payment
  • Event budgeting
  • Venue selection
  • Procurement, sourcing, and RFPs
  • Content management including abstract and/or paper management, reviewing, programme development and publishing
  • Exhibition management including floor planning, booking, and billing
  • On-site operations including registration, badges, and networking
  • Audience response solutions, live slide sharing, and second screen tools as live polls, Q+A, etc.

The EMS industry 

The Event Management System industry is the IT response to the Event Industry where these two elements are interdependent. 

Usually “events” involve the following players:

  • Event owner: the person or company that commissions others to create the event
  • Event organizer: or event manager, or event planner, also known as the “project manager” of the event
  • Attendees: the people attending the event
  • Performers: the participants performing during the event. They can be Speakers, Singers etc… They usually are on the event schedule.  
  • Exhibitors: the people exhibiting their products during events.
  • Sponsors: the people or organizations sponsoring the event.
  • Third parties: staff, volunteer, caterer, venues, suppliers, and so on

EMS providers offer solutions targeting Event organizers. These solutions provide tools for marketing, program planning, CRM, Logistics, Online Registration, Venue Sourcing. These solutions work as a hub between all event players. An EMS solution allows Event organizers to organize and interact with all players.

The EMS Industry is still young and continues to evolve. There is still not a clear structure to classify each player, but EMS companies usually include one or more of the following feature sets:

  • event logistics,
  • event scheduling,
  • event website design,
  • online registration,
  • ticket selling,
  • event mobile app,

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