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The Grenadine Event Planning System offers event mobile apps for conference attendees and participants. These mobile apps are called Grenadine Event Guide (Android, iOS). They are both native mobile applications available on the Android and iOS (iPhone) platform.

Grenadine mobile apps allow organizers to provide timely conference information, attached documents, information on dining and accommodations and other useful tips and references. The mobile apps present the conference schedule on a day by day basis, enabling attendees to easily search through conference items and presentations.

Presenters are linked to their respective presentation items, and presenters can also distribute attached documents through the Grenadine self-service portal. Grenadine event apps also show complete information on each presenter, such as name, title, company, picture, biography and social media contact information.

View up-to-date schedules

Schedules and schedule updates are published in real-time so your attendees and your speakers always see the latest information, including last-minute room changes and adjusted start times.

Make your personal schedule and sync it on all your devices

Add and remove items to your own schedule and be advised of changes to rooms or times of sessions you are attending. Sync it between your web access and your devices and update it from anywhere.

Search talks and presenters

See who’s presenting what and search through names, view presenter bios and access public presenter profiles from LinkedIn and Facebook. Searching within mobile app data is instant and always up-to-date.

Dynamically updated mobile event guide from Grenadine
Customize your event app color scheme with Grenadine Event Guide

Change colors and images to match your branding

With a Grenadine event app, you can set custom colors for most items such texts, backgrounds, and buttons, and you can preview results on screen before you publish your color scheme to your app users.

You can also use custom images for things like logos, background images, decorative images on your event’s calendar, generic people images and more. 

Add custom event information to your event mobile app

Add custom contents to your app

In an event mobile app, you always need the schedule, list of people, and location information. Sometimes, you also need to add custom contents that will inform your visitors. With the Grenadine App, you can add any amount of custom information that you require, such as “about us” pages, pages that present the history of your event, suggestions on where to go and what to eat, maps, and any other custom content that you feel will be useful to your attendees.

Event App Screenshots

Here are sample screenshots of the Grenadine Event Guide mobile app.

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