Why you need an online event management software to plan your event

Very often, trying to plan a whole event is very stressful. So many attendees, you have to launch invitations, schedule meetings during the congress, plan which speaker for which day while keeping an eye on conflicts, choosing a plan B, dealing with equipment requirements, selecting a menu and coping with last-minute issues. Now you are totally freaking out!

Have you ever thought about using a companion system to assist you with these tasks? I mean, ok you’ve got 10 interns to help you manage this event, but is it really helpful? No, you need, a strong, automated organizer which can help you have an overview of what you are doing.

Perhaps an event management system would be helpful?

Now let’s think about an all-in-one solution that can give you a chance to make your event a success!


It is efficient in the most important parts of your event planning:

Schedule your events:

Write all the meetings in one calendar, and a location and time. You can add attendees and speakers, and they can register on their own too. Assign them to the meetings that could better suit their needs.

Afraid of conflicts? No stress, our tool has reports that show if any scheduling conflict happens. In this way, an attendee can’t be part of 2 meetings at the same time.

You can collect information from your speakers via survey forms and view scheduling conflicts before you make your schedule public.

Team management

Control the organization and administration of your event. Assign tasks to your team, plan your budget, control your actual expenses and publish information only when it’s ready.

Registration and ticket sales

Your attendees and speakers can register online, build their own schedules, choose additional (add-on) events that they want to attend, upload their information and pay using credit cards. Grenadine Event Planner will even prevent attendees from creating their own scheduling conflicts by registering or purchasing add-on tickets for more than one scheduled event at a time. The event manager can set also up coupons for special attendee groups or reduced prices, and also apply location-based taxes to each sale.

Event guide mobile app

During your event, save printing costs by communicating event information to attendees via the Grenadine Event Guide mobile app. The event guide app allows attendees to browse event information, view the schedule and build each their own individualized schedules. Each attendee receives up-to-date information in real-time through ongoing schedule updates as well as through push messages that you can send through the Grenadine planner.

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