Top 10 Tips for planning a successful event – Part 2

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Be a social butterfly. Nowadays, it is to your advantage to use social media platforms to strengthen your event promotion. Don’t be a late adopter, but be an innovator! With social media, you can share your posts and even do a live shooting of your event. All these platforms can even help improve your user engagement.

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Location is key. It can either help drive traffic to your event or be detrimental.  This is why your event location plays a major role. Generally, the best locations are the one easily accessible by walk or public transportation. If the location is extremely far, you might need to provide shuttle buses to help with the traveling process. Another important point is parking. If the event is in a venue that is a little bit further and more than 80% of participants will be coming by car. You would need space to park their car, so parking is important as well.  All in all, when it comes to picking a final spot, remember to think of convenience and accessibility.

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Plan your budget. All the money coming in and out must be sorted out. A common mistake is to think of all the revenue from tickets or the sponsors, but we forget all the small expenses that add up to a big sum.

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Always be informed. Ensure that all the team of planners involved knows what is going on. Often times, mistakes may occur due to miscommunication. At most, we can try to avoid that. Before any events, it’s important to hold meetings to debrief every member from A to Z. It might be time-consuming to do so, however it does make a major difference when people know what they are doing. Run-throughs are perfect for getting rid of misunderstandings.