Top 10 Tips for planning a successful event – Part 3

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Be proactive. One thing you must constantly do is follow-up with the people you have booked, whether it is a performer, a speaker, a venue provider or a sponsor, you have sealed the deal. Until then you cannot take any break.

Be automatic. Instead of doing things with pen and paper, it’s time to digitize your work and remove all the manual and repeat processes. Using an event management system or a ticket registration can avoid manually having to track or monitor all your planning process.

Listen. Nobody likes to be criticized. However, it is good to know what went well in your event and what went wrong. Getting the most feedback from your volunteers, from your staffs, from audience/participants/guests is the way you can drastically improve the next time if you plan on doing an event.

Sending out surveys or even chit-chatting with people right after your event can be helpful.