How do I choose my event management software?

Today, you’re ready to go to your first meeting with a new client and your boss is asking you to manage the whole event. This is the most important event of the year for your company you can’t miss anything: “this has to be a huge success!” – Ok, now you’re freaking out…

So you plan a meeting with your team and do a brainstorming session where everyone has many ideas. But the one that retained your attention is: “we need a website to promote the event, build the program, sell tickets, register participants, create email campaigns, manage requirements, excel files….”. A lot to think, a lot to manage!

Suddenly, one of your colleagues suggests: “We need something that can do all these things in the same place”. – Why not an online integrated event management software?

“OK GOOGLE, which is the best online event planner software in the world?” Google does its job and showed you all the event planning software that appeared in the results. But, does it mean these are the best ones for you?


Like in other industries, Technology is taking more and more place in the event industry. There are a lot of software on the market and it’s really difficult to know which one is the best for you. 

It’s important to first, take a pause (and maybe a cup of coffee!) and really think about what exactly are your needs. Try to visualize the full event cycle (before, during and after the event) and write down the different activities that you need to achieve and the challenges you will face. It will ensure that you will choose wisely and will be satisfied with your choice on the long term. Here a couple of question that you could ask yourself. Do I need to:

  • create a website to promote my event?
  • build a program?
  • send invitations?
  • send surveys? 
  • manage a budget and expenses?
  • sell tickets?
  • come with a mobile application? 

Choosing the right tool for you to plan your events is a key for event success. But also, it is necessary to find a tool that best suits your expectations: it is a huge time-saver.

Also, one important point is not only choosing a software but a team which will be here to give you any support you need to succeed.

It’s important to look for a tool by a company that has an approachable and reliable support team in place. The quality of support offered by an event planning tool can make or break your experience using the platform. Having a good customer support is essential because issues can occur, and the support team can handle it for you.

One possible solution for you could be Grenadine Event Planner, our event management software

There are many benefits of choosing the Grenadine Event Planner (and team) to help you plan your event:

  • Grenadine Event Planner is an easy-to-use event management tool

The Grenadine team works hard to make this software the most comfortable to use. Its dashboard is clear and simple with many useful features including ticketing, logistics, and schedule management. You can easily log in and use the features accessible in the menu. Its automatic event websites look great and are easy to use, which facilitates the participants’ experience.

“As a long time event planner, I’ve used plenty of other software. However, Grenadine’s Customer Support is what MAKES this program so great. I’ve asked for features, and they’ve been implemented. I have questions and they’re quick to answer. There has never been a time I’ve wished for a feature that they didn’t either explain how to use it or then write it into the core program. I would suggest Grenadine to my other convention and planning teams without hesitation.” – Erin Wayne, Twitch.

  • A participant management tool

You can plan meetings people can attend, choose to register them, create their profile or they can do it on their own (depending on the kind of event and audience). Assign speakers or attendees to a scheduled event too.

With Grenadine Event Planner, you’re able to communicate in with participants, exhibitors or speakers thanks to the emailing feature. So you can send emails before the event, and keep in touch with them during the event thanks to push messages. Share documents with some of them or with everyone. It’s up to you. Share every document that could be useful for your participants to prepare the meeting.

  • You can sell (or offer) a limited number of tickets, you can also have a look on your ticket sales at any time.
  • Publish all this information on an automatic public website for your event, or include it on your own website thanks to Grenadine’s APIs,
  • You can also allow participants to consult all information about the event from the Grenadine Event Guide smartphone application. They would be able to consult their personal schedule and see info about who’s attending, who’s speaking… They’ll also receive up-to-date news in real-time thanks to pushing messages.

At Grenadine, we build strong relationships with our customers. We develop our software with the needs of event planners in mind, and actively work with our customers to constantly improve our platform.