Show your event schedule in your own event web site

Ever felt the pain of having to manage and update your latest event schedule in multiple places at the same time? For example, when a speaker changes, a presentation changes rooms, or an item is added or removed from your event schedule, you may have had to make that change in your event mobile app, your printed change sheets, and update your website on top of that. Future attendees and potential attendees rely on your event website to get information on your program and schedule, especially when they are deciding whether to attend. They also rely on your program to plan their personal schedules in the days leading up to your event. Having your schedule published and up-to-daView Postte in all places is important and doing so without additional effort is even better! With the new Grenadine Event code snippet for Web sites, you can publish an always up-to-date version of your schedule on your event site, regardless of whether it’s built on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or even plain old HTML. The Grenadine Web publishing snippet for publishing your event schedule:
  • Is fully hosted
  • Integrates seamlessly into your event website or WordPress site
  • Is always up-to-date
  • Displays complete information on presentation titles, descriptions, times, rooms and venues
  • Visually indicates item types with color coding
  • Allows attendees to add items to their phone’s calendar or their computer’s calendar
  • Works on all modern browsers

How does it work?

Simply use your web site editor and go to code view, and insert a code snippet provided by the Grenadine Event Planner system wherever you want the schedule to appear. All schedule information will be inserted at run-time and will be up-to-the second for your viewer. That’s it! Use a code snippet to publish your event schedule directly on your WordPress site Included in all levels of Event Planner subscriptions, use the schedule publishing snippet today!