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Reduce the use of spreadsheets and documents by using an all-in-one tool

The all-in-one platform to plan your event

Grenadine Event Planner Management Software the perfect partner help you schedule and manage every step of successful events. Use our tools to help set up conferences, meetings, and conventions, and plan venues and rooms set up, all while managing equipment requirements and budgets. Eliminate spreadsheets with our import people feature and manage teams, guests, speakers, and attendees simply. Communicate with people by sending mass personalized emails, invitations, surveys or event schedules at any time.

While planning an event with Grenadine, view scheduling conflicts and take actions to prevent them from happening. Through the Grenadine’s dashboard, follow your event results in real-time and make data-driven decisions thanks to the report center. Equip your team with a solid tool that helps you organize your events and build your program schedule whatever its size and complexity. You are the one in control, and Grenadine Event Management Software is there with you, every step of the way!

We help Event Managers in these areas

Participants And Attendees

Managing Participants and Attendees is at the core of the Grenadine Event Planning solution. Its role is to let you keep information on anyone that you want to keep track of for your events.


Event Scheduling

One of the core features of Grenadine Event Management Software allows you to build simple to complex event schedules (programs) with track and themes categorization, limited-availability events and sub-items. 



Send various types of email communications to participants and attendees. Create email templates, prepare mailings, manage batch sending of emails, and view email reports. Send instant messages to the event mobile app users! 


Sponsors, Exhibitors, Partners and Suppliers

Grenadine Event Management Software allows you to manage all organizations involved with your events. This includes Sponsors, Exhibitors, Partners or Suppliers.


Event Locations

Grenadine Event Management Software allows organizers to plan events (conferences, conventions, or seminars) that happen at one or different locations simultaneously



Benefit from cross-tabulation reports that can be generated to illustrate the status of key planning variables – rooms used by presenters, or type of session by room size for example – to discover and facilitate the resolution of scheduling conflicts and other real or potential problems.


Powerful Features for Successful Event Planning

Plan Multiple Events

Use a single interface to plan many different events. Plan, schedule and manage your events efficiently from anywhere, through one single platform, and re-use data from event to event by cloning or linking data from one event to another.

Manage Complex Schedules

Program items in many different times and locations, and assign speakers and attendees in one click! Avoid scheduling conflicts thanks to our schedule analyzer and avoid issues before they arise.

Increase Visibility

Provide your attendees with access to the information they need, wherever they are and whenever they want! Generate event websites and event mobile apps with one click!

Multi-user Interface

Facilitate teamwork within your planning team. Work from everywhere and at any time. Manage tasks and share documents and notes with your team members.

Control Your Budget

Make your event a financial success by entering your event budget and following incomes and expenses as they come in, thanks to our finance tools.

Collect data

Create and manage registration forms, know your attendees’ expectations by sending surveys, send them each their individual schedules and get feedback and reports thanks to our tracking tools.

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