Administration Module

Administration modules provide you with the capability to configure many of the possible options provided in the conference planning system. Administrators can also create users who will participate in planning your conference and manage those users’ options, rights and capabilities.

Administration du système de gestion événementiel

General Conference Information

The General Conference Information program area is where conference planners set up the conference planning parameters: conference name, start date, time zone and duration. This information will then be used to specify constraints throughout the conference planning process. Conference organizers can specify captcha keys to be used as additional security mechanisms during the on-line invitation and survey process.


You can specify the types of equipment and quantity available to the conference: overhead projectors, flip charts, microphones and loudspeakers, smart black or white boards, laptops, etc. This makes for effective and timely reservation and delivery of the appropriate equipment at the right place and at the right time. The software can also output requirement sheets for logistics organizers.

Item Formats

This program module allows event planners to specify the format that will be used for presentations at your event whether a colloquium, annual meeting, conference etc. These could be a panel discussion, a poster session, an autograph session, a formal presentation, a keynote address, a concert, a party, a reading, a discussion group, an annual general meeting or any other format. Defining item formats help organizers select parameters such as the room configuration. Likewise convention attendees can consult for event formats online or on their mobile apps.

Invitation Categories

Invitation categories can be used to categorize and group invitations to potential participants into “bunches” or related batch runs of invitation emails. Invitation categories could be by language – English, Spanish French, German for example – by type of invitee -VIP, members, non-members, honorary members, politicians, technicians, administrators. The Grenadine Event Planner uses invitation categories to assist planners track who and when they were invited, through which means, whether and how they have responded and whether appropriate follow-ups, confirmations and thank you notes have been sent.

Room Setups

In Room Setups, conference organizers specify the setups they will use for each or each type of presentation, event or activity. For example, rooms can be set up theatre style, round-table or seminar style, as reception areas, with relaxed couch seating, etc. Using the Room Setups module, conference organizers can plan ahead and produce conference-planning sheets to assist logistics managers in getting venues and rooms ready at the appropriate time and with the required setups.

Data Sources for Importing

The Grenadine Event Planner allows users to import attendee data from external data sources such as Excel sheets and CSV (comma-separated) files. Event organizers can use external data sources to imports registration information for both potential and confirmed participants.

Tag Contexts

Tag contexts help planners, managers and participants organize topics, contents and presentations into related groups. An event’s Tag contexts may be defined by content areas like “financial planning,” “technology,” “academic,” “scientific” or any other subject groupings. The Grenadine Event Planner uses tags in a variety of ways, for applying information as to interests to participants or classifying events. This can assist potential participants indicate content areas of interest to them, point to topic areas in which they would be able to make presentations or highlight activities in which they might participate. Tags can also be used to filter participant and presenter lists by content, topic and activity areas in the event’s classification scheme.

E-mail addresses

The Grenadine Event Planning software has an integrated email management module to input and use e-mail addresses. This facilitates sending invitations to potential participants, and in conjunction with surveys allows the organizer to interact with participants. The module also allows conference planners and managers to use their own organization’s e-mail address listings, to personalize communications and route replies to convenient inbox addresses.

Image management

Conference organizers can insert various images for displaying in the convention mobile apps (Android or iOS.)