Documents and notes

Manage documents and notes

Use the document module to store and share documents with your event planning team.

With Grenadine Event Planner, you and members of your team can attach notes, upload and store documents such as event contracts, seating plans, venue pictures, menus, speaking notes, PowerPoint presentations, or any other types of documents.

Documents can be attached to published items in your event calendar. They can be linked to items, people or expenses and be orderly kept in a “notes area” where you can view, sort and clean them whenever you need.

Also, documents can be marked as “private” (only accessible to your event planning team), or marked as “viewable by the public” (accessible to all of your attendees) and made available through the Web online schedule and your event mobile apps.

Documents available from anywhere at anytime

Biographies and pictures

Publish biographies and pictures on your event marketing web site for participants, attendees, presenters and panel participants


Add speaking notes or PowerPoint presentations to your event calendar. Make them public for attendees, or use them as notes for presenters and moderators

Mobile App

Enrich your Event Guide with important information concerning your event (instructions, how to get there, venues map, etc.) 

Receipts and Expenses

Attach receipts and expense reports to venues or calendar items to help you keep track of costs


Link contracts, pricing agreements, food & beverage menus, spreadsheets, or any types of documents with items, people, venues and rooms

Travel notes

Add travel notes to participant and attendee profiles to keep your team up-to-date on details for VIP speakers or attendees