Event Budgeting And Finance

Plan Your Event Budget and Track Your Spending

Do your event budgeting and track your conference expenses with Grenadine Event Planner

With the Event Budget & Finance Module, you can plan your event income and expenses and track your actual spending throughout the event planning cycle. Budgets are created for planned for income in areas such as:

  • Registration Fees and Ticket Sales
  • Sponsorships and Grants
  • Exhibit Booth Sales
  • Parking Revenue
  • Special Functions Fees & Ticket Sales
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Merchandise Sales (T-Shirts, Mugs, etc.)
  • Audiovisual Material Sales (CDs, DVDs, etc.)

And expenses are budgeted in areas such as:

  • Accommodation Fees
  • Event Administration Costs
  • Electrical & Lighting Rental
  • Entertainment Expenses
  • Decorations & Flowers
  • Exhibition & Stages
  • Event Marketing and Promotion
  • Speaker fees
  • Special Functions Fees
  • Shipping & Freight
  • Signage
  • Travel, Transportation & Attendee Shuttles
  • etc.

All budget figures and actual expenses can be tracked in one or multiple currencies, for those who host events that will have costs in more than one currency. For each expense, track the amount in the currency in which it was spent, as well as the exchange rate and the resulting real-world expense to you as an organizer.

In addition to simple event budgeting, you can also attach planned or actual expenses to event items:

  • Participant, an attendee or any other person participating in your event in one way or another
  • Rooms within one of the venues where your event is hosted
  • Program Item in your event calendar, for example, if there is a special fee for a party or a keynote presentation

Once you’re all done in your planning, use the built-in Event Income & Expense Report or export your actual data to Microsoft Excel or to your accounting system.