Task Management

Manage Task and Activities

The Event Task Management functionalities within the Grenadine Planner allow you to keep track of tasks that must be completed by your team members in order to properly plan execute your event, all in a central location. Tasks can be assigned to your event planning team members, and they can also be related to Participants and Attendees, Program Items, and Venues rooms to make tracking and finding to-do’s easier.

Manage your event planning tasks with Grenadine Event Planner

Tasks can be entered and followed-up on in these locations:

  • Participants and Attendees: while working on the file of an attendee, a speaker, a helper or some other contributor to your event, you can enter and assign a task from his file
  • Venues’ roomsYou can also attach a task to a specific room in one of the venues where your event will be taking place
  • Program Items: Finally, you can attach a task to a specific Program Item in your event plan. For example, while working on preparing the Keynote, you could attach a task called “Confirm availability of speaker X“.

Regardless of where you enter and track tasks in your planning workflow, all tasks will also be regrouped and listed under a single event tasks dashboard so that you can get a unified view of what needs to be done, by whom and by what date. Forget about managing event planning tasks by email, use the central task dashboard and make your life and your team member’s lives easier!