Sponsors, Exhibitors, Partners & Suppliers

Onboard Sponsors, Exhibitors, Partners and Suppliers

Grenadine Event Management Software allows you to manage all organizations involved with your events. This includes Sponsors, Exhibitors, Partners or Suppliers. 

In Grenadine Event Planner you are able to manage the organizations that sponsor your event, the exhibitors that showcase or demonstrate their latest products and services, the organizations with whom you have partnerships and the suppliers involved in the event preparation or execution.  It’s also possible to have one organization with more than one role. Just enter the organization’s info (website, logo, description, …) in our system and you’ll be able to benefit from functionalities such as:

  • Dedicated pages on the event website and/or on the mobile app allow communicating an organization’s involvement in your event. There are pages for lists of Sponsors, Partners, and Exhibitors. You can enable or disable those pages at your convenience. For Exhibitors, you can also assign booths and link them to Venues.
  • For Suppliers you can also add any equipment and food/beverage requirements that you need from this organization. For example, you can specify you need 10 tables and 2 electrical outlets from or for this organization. Any requirement can also be accompanied by estimated or actual costs, which you can manage in the Event Budgeting And Finance module. You’ll be able to send work orders to those suppliers later on using the Reports module.