Print and Electronic Publications

The Grenadine Event Planning system assists conference organizers with two types of publications: print and electronic.

Print publications

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Print publications include:

  • Conference program guides
  • Printed table tents, for each program item and participant
  • Informational Labels to affix to the back of participant badges
  • Room signs that include information on presentations or events happening in that room

Print publications can be extracted in three formats: 

  • Adobe PDF© format direct printing 
  • XML files for use in Adobe inDesign© 
  • Excel© spreadsheets.

Labels can be extracted to  Adobe PDF© using pre-defined label formats from Avery©.

Electronic publications

Electronic publications are used to publish changes to the Grenadine Mobile Apps for conference attendees. Once event organizers have completed conference planning, they can review all changes and publish them to the mobile app. Prior to publication, the Grenadine system provides a preview of all items that have been added, removed or otherwise changed and allows organizers to confirm the correctness of all changes. Once published, all information is automatically distributed to all users of the conference mobile apps for iOS and Android in real-time. The electronic publication functionality is useful to organizers when last-minute changes to scheduling or presentations need to be communicated to conference attendees.

All publication activity in the Grenadine conference system is fully audited and logged so that conference organizers may work on draft schedules and presenter lists prior to publication, and also view all published changes if required.