Run instant online reports or export your data

Grenadine Event Planner reporting module offers cross tabulation reports that can be generated to illustrate the status of key planning variables – room used by presenter, or type of session by room size for example – to discover and facilitate the resolution of scheduling conflicts and other real or potential problems.

Conference and Event Planning Reports

The Grenadine Event Planner system allows users to generate multiple reports such as:

  • A list of items to which participants (presenters) have been assigned
  • A list of participants (presenters) that have one or more items (presentations) assigned to them
  • Tags that have been used along with their tag contexts
  • People, sorted by their interests
  • Presentation scheduling conflicts
  • Lists of items and rooms
  • Lists of items sorted by time slots
  • Lists of items that have been planned to over-capacity
  • Items that have equipment needs
  • Items that are missing moderators
  • People that have been marked as participants within your event but do not have any presentations assigned to them
  • People that are overused
  • Mailing reports (for example, who received their schedule by email)
  • Custom reports that search through surveys that have been filled in by your participants
  • …and many more reports useful to your conference organization

Most reports can be run and viewed online or exported to comma-separated files (CSV) for use in Excel© or other external database software. Other reports, such as survey reports, can be further refined by carrying out direct filters right on screen.