Reach out to collect information and feedback through surveys

Users of the Grenadine Event Planning system can create user surveys to collect information from potential participants and presenters ahead of time to assist in conference planning tasks. Surveys are a powerful tool used by conference organizers to collect data from potential participants such as their interests, availabilities, and constraints for participating in your conference.

A sample event planning survey built with the Grenadine Event Planner

Each conference survey is defined and sent out to a particular participant/presenter group ahead of time, and all data is collected automatically and without extra data entry on the part of conference organizers.

Types of questions that are supported by our survey system:

  • Text responses (short)
  • Text responses (long)
  • Availability (i.e., when are you available/not available?)
  • Single choice (radio-boxes)
  • Multiple-choice (checkboxes)
  • Biography (asks a participant or speaker to enter their biographical information for publication purposes)
  • Social media links (i.e., how to reach the person on social media)
  • Photo upload (so people can upload their picture)
  • Phone number
  • Address

Here are examples of types of questions that participants could answer to assist organizers in scheduling tasks:

  • What city are you from?
  • Are you a member of a particular professional association?
  • List areas that you are interested in discussing
  • What subjects would you be willing to present about?
  • List your significant works (for inclusion in your published bio)
  • What are the maximum number of items in which you wish to participate?
  • What time slots are you interested in?
  • Are there any items that you absolutely do not want to be scheduled against? (for example a keynote, or a similar presenter)
  • Which languages can you present in?
  • Who are you willing to present with?
  • … and many more useful information

Sample survey

Survey event attendees and guests with Grenadine Event Planner