Manage Event Venues

Many events will be held in a single venue and most will use several rooms within that venue, but Grenadine also works with larger events that are held across multiple venues. Grenadine Event Management Software allows organizers to plan conference or convention that happen at different venues simultaneously. For example, a large conference could require using two nearby hotels to accommodate a large number of attendees and presentation items. Venues can be hotels, convention centers, office locations, etc. Organizers use the Venues module to enter details on each venue and specify which rooms and what room setups and capacities are available in each case.

Rooms and locations

Rooms are specified within the Grenadine Event Planner with the following characteristics:

  • The name or number of the room
  • The “default” setup (such as a theater setup, or a large round table setup)
  • The room capacity
  • The usual purpose of the room
  • Any other comments that conference organizers need to be made aware of

You can also:

  • Manage any equipment, food & beverage, manpower, or any other requirements that you need to order for this room. For example, you can specify that you need 10 tables and 2 electrical outlets for this room. Later, the “Requirements” screen will allow you to manage all requirements entered into the system in order to, for example, manage work orders to suppliers.
  • Manage expenses/costs of the venues/rooms that will be consolidated and managed in the Budget and Finance module.
  • Manage Room setups: rooms have more than one possible setup, each with a different capacity. For example, setting up a room with large round tables will yield a smaller capacity than setting up the same room theater style.
  • If a venue has a valid geo codable address, all instances of the venue name on the program timeline will include a link to a map for that venue with its address and an option to get directions.