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Event registration and ticket selling

From space-limited program item sign-ups to a full event registration, we offer the flexibility to meet your requirements.

There’s nothing like seeing an attendee list get fuller and fuller every day!

With Grenadine Event Planner, you can sell tickets for your event or distribute free tickets to your prospective attendees. Tickets can be sold in the currency of your choice, provided that the payment provider supports it. You can set up your own ticket types by specifying things such as availability start date, maximum number of tickets available, ticket type and minimum or maximum purchase requirements.

If you need to collect extra information at registration time, such as a person’s meal preference, availability, or special requirements, you can use registration forms and ask questions for each ticket holder.

When tickets are offered for sale to your attendees, Grenadine Event Planner charges a per-ticket fee  (see our pricing plans) which can be passed on to the ticket purchaser, or absorbed within your ticket price. If your tickets are offered for free, Grenadine doesn’t charge any ticket processing fee. The Grenadine ticket fee is separate from any payment processing fee that the payment gateway will charge.

Sell a ticket, get a participant portal

When you sell an event ticket with Grenadine Event Planner, you get a full attendee profile (or speaker profile, depending on the case), and your attendee gets a self-service portal where he can view, update and publish his profile to all other event attendees.

Registration-time questionnaires

Need to collect extra information from registrants? Simply build a registration form, determine what questions you need to ask, and attach it to any ticket type. You can collect all information right at registration time as part of the registration checkout process.

Free passes or paid tickets

Choose free, paid or a combination of free and paid tickets for your event. You can even hide your free tickets and make them available only to those who have specific coupon codes. Free ticket have no per-ticket fee, and for paid tickets, you can pass on registration fees directly to purchasers.

Region-based sales tax collection

Need to collect sales taxes? Set up your Grenadine ticket for region-based taxes, using either country regions or individual states or province regions. We’ll charge at purchase time according to your formulas according to your region rules, and report on sales taxes later on.

Use your own credit card account

Connect your credit card processing account and start selling tickets today! We don’t hold your funds, and all proceeds are deposited directly into your merchant account, ready for you to manage.

Check in and out

Once your ticket is sold, use our Grenadine ticket scanning app to check your attendees in an out of your event. Each scan will check whether a registration is valid, and offer you various options in the cases where a person has multiple registrations. You can even check people in and out of specific activities or workshops within your event schedule.

Ticket types

Free tickets
Paid tickets
Limited-availability tickets
Item-specific tickets
Early-bird and date limits
Min and max per order

You can set up free tickets if your event is free to attend, or if you want to offer free passes to specific groups of people. This allows attendees to fully register and obtain passes for your event while allowing you to collect their information such as name, email address and other required contact information.

When you use Grenadine for free tickets, there is no per-ticket processing fee, but all other services (such as the attendee portal) work as they do with paid tickets. And just like for paid tickets, you can attach registration form and post-registration messages to free tickets.

You can sell paid tickets and accept credit card payments from VISA, MasterCard and other credit cards (depending on your location). All ticket payments are collected through your payment processor account, and proceeds are deposited directly to your Stripe account right at the moment of sale.

For paid tickets, Grenadine has a per-ticket processing fee, and you can decide whether you would like to pass on the processing fee to the ticket purchaser or absorb them yourself as part of the ticket price. Refunded tickets get refunded Grenadine fees.

For each type of ticket, you can decide how many will be available. For example, you could decide that you will offer a limited number of student passes, and when that number is reached, all other attendees will need to purchase regular passes. Limited-availability tickets are reserved for each person as they add them to their carts and proceed to the checkout so that you don’t over-sell your seats even when capacity is running low.

Sometimes you need item-specific tickets over and above general registration. For example, if you have a VIP party, a golf tournament, or a special workshop that requires a paid ticket, you can sell these “add-on” tickets and tie them directly to a calendar item on your event’s program. People having purchased this add-on ticket will be registered for the specific calendar item to which the ticket is tied.

Item-specific ticket types can also apply to many different items on your calendar. For example, if you are selling a Workshop ticket that can apply to one of many workshops offered during your event, you can tie a ticket types to all of your workshops. This will make it so that a person buying a ticket will also need to select one of the workshops offered when they purchase the ticket. They will then be positively registered for that workshop.

If you want to offer certain ticket types only during a specific period, you can tell the Grenadine Event Planner to sell those tickets between a specified start and end date. Those tickets will be offered for sale on the start date, and automatically be removed on the end date.

If certain tickets can only be sold in larger quantities, you can specify quantity purchase minimums. For example, if group passes need to purchase a minimum of 5 at a time, then Grenadine Event Planner will ensure that users will purchase at least 5 of those tickets when the group pass is selected.

Similar to minimum order requirements, if certain tickets are limited “max 3 per person”, you can tell Grenadine Event Planner to limit the sales per transaction. A person will not be able to purchase more than your defined maximum in any given transaction.

Set up most ticket types in a single screen

Most types of event tickets can be setup on a single screen in the Grenadine Event Planner. Give a ticket a name, a registration type, set a maximum number of tickets that you want to make available, and give availability dates. If you’re an international organization, you can use different currencies for different events, depending on which country those events will be held. 

All ticket types become available on your Grenadine event website on the specified start date and there is no other action needed on your behalf. Just sit back and watch the registrations come in!

Setting up event ticket sales in Grenadine Event Planner
Attach questions to your event registrations with Grenadine Event Planner

Extra questions at registration time

By default, Grenadine will ask the person to provide his name, address, and email at registration time. If you need to ask extra information, for example, if the person is vegetarian, if he requires travel services, if he will be bringing a spouse, etc., then you can set up registration surveys which will collect that extra information at the time of purchase.

You can set various types of questions, such as text, multiple-choice, single choice, and each question can be marked as mandatory if necessary. Registration surveys are collected for each ticket holder.


Purchasing tickets for others

The registration screens in Grenadine Event Planner allow a person to purchase tickets for himself, for others, or for both himself and others. This can be convenient for families or work colleagues who will be buying tickets on a single card, but where tickets need to be attributed to distinct ticket holders.

Ticket coupons

In some cases, you may wish to have certain ticket types be restricted and only visible/available to specific groups of people. For those cases, you can set coupon codes that allow only the code holders to view and purchase those ticket types. You can use coupons to reserve tickets for special groups, students, discounted prices or for collecting amounts from sponsors and exhibitors.


When offering tickets for sale, you can opt to detail sales taxes, and configure the tax amounts and the regions to which they apply for each ticket type. Taxes are marked separately in the ticket purchaser’s invoice, and tax amounts are also stored separately in the accounting portion for reporting purposes.

Tax amounts are configured according to the location (state and country) of the ticket purchaser.

Automatic accounting of ticket revenue

When you use the Grenadine Event Planner to sell event tickets, all ticket revenue is automatically booked into the “actuals” revenue section of your event finance reports. Similarly, Grenadine ticket fees and payment processing fees are also accumulated in the appropriate actuals expenses section. This automatic accounting helps you keep up-to-date on what’s going on with your event revenue and expenses.

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