Paid registrations and tickets for your event

Paid registrations and tickets

You can sell paid tickets and accept credit card payments from VISA, MasterCard and other credit cards (depending on your location) with the help of Grenadine Event Planner. All ticket payments are collected through your payment processor account, and proceeds are deposited directly into your Stripe account right at the moment of sale.

When you sell event or conference tickets through Grenadine, your purchaser will need to pay a per-ticket processing fee. As an option, you can decide to absorb that fee yourself as a portion of the final ticket price.

Sell tickets for your conference, event or seminar with Grenadine Event Planner

Collected information and registration forms

When you sell an event ticket through Grenadine Event Planner, we ask the following information from each of your ticket purchasers:

  • Full name
  • Company name (optional)
  • Street Address, including country and state
  • email address

In addition, because one purchaser can purchase tickets for more than one ticket holder, we require name and email address from each ticket holder.

If you need to collect extra information at registration time, such as a person’s meal preference, availability, or special requirements, you can useĀ registration forms and ask questions for each ticket holder.

As an example, you can ask questions like:

  • Meal preferences (vegetarian, vegan, etc.)
  • Special needs requirements (handicap access, etc.)
  • Service requirements (do you need babysitting/childcare?)
  • Membership information (association membership number, membership status, etc.)
  • Consent information (do you have parental consent?)
  • Interests (i.e. what activities are you interested in?)
  • …and any other question that you feel you need to ask at registration time.