Item-specific and add-on tickets

Item-specific and add-on tickets for your event

Item-specific tickets are those that register a person not for your entire event (conference, convention, etc.) but rather for something very specific on the calendar of your event. For example, if you have a post-conference activity, a VIP party, a golf tournament, or a special class that requires a paid ticket over and above registration for your overall event, you can sell an add-on ticket and tie those tickets directly to a calendar item on your event program.

Everyone who purchases an add-on ticket does so for a specific activity on your schedule.

Sell add-on tickets for your event with Grenadine Event Planner

What’s the difference between just calling a ticket “Ticket for the post-conference tour” and selling a true item-specific ticket within Grenadine? When you sell a true item-specific ticket from Grenadine, we check availability, capacity, and we report any scheduling conflicts for rooms, speakers, and even scheduling conflicts for attendees.

Moreover, because we know an attendee’s schedule in full detail, we can prevent an attendee from registering to two separate things that happen at the same time, thus reducing the number of errors in bookings and their associated cancellations or refunds.

Limiting add-on ticket spaces

Using Grenadine Event Planner, you can sell tickets to space-limited or add-on activities within your event while limiting space. Specify a maximum audience size for each activity, and Grenadine will enforce maximum attendance regardless of ticket types.