Signups and wait lists for space-limited items

Signups and wait lists for space-limited items

Some events, such as conferences or seminars, have some activities or calendar items which are limited in space and can only accept a certain number of attendees. Even though these activities may be free, you can require that people sign up and put their name on a list before they can attend.

For those items, Grenadine Event Planner offers item signups.

Item signups are a way of requiring that people sign up before they can attend. When you require item signups, you set a maximum capacity (for example 50 people) and people will sign up on a first-come-first-served basis. When a person signs up, he gets a confirmation email to that effect, and the item also appears on his personal schedule.

Of course, as an event organizer, you can also choose to sign guests up on their behalf.


When you have very popular items, you can even set waitlists. All attendees that try to sign up for an item that doesn’t have any more space but still has space on the waitlist will be put on the waitlist. Waitlisted attendees will be listed on a first-come-first-served basis (just like actual signups) and will be notified if and when space becomes available.

Waitlists can also be useful when you are not sure if specific activities will be offered during your event. You can set “tentative” with no confirmed capacity, but where people can sign up for waitlists. If the item becomes confirmed, you simply increase the item capacity from 0 to whatever you can handle, and all waitlisted guests will automatically¬†be moved to the registered list, up to the newly confirmed capacity of your item.


Just as guests can sign up for space-limited items, they can also cancel their sign ups as they wish. When a guest cancels their sign up, space becomes available for the next waitlisted guest, or the next regular signup.

Information for the organizer

As an organizer, when you use signups for activities at your event, you get a full list of everyone who signed up for an event. You can check people off a paper list, or you can use the Grenadine check-in app to check people in as they come into the room where the activity will take place.