Take free registrations for your event

Free tickets

If your event is free, or if some groups of people can attend your event for free, you can set up free ticket types within Grenadine Event Planner. Free tickets have the same options as paid tickets, except that they are free and don’t require the very last checkout step (the payment). With free tickets, you can:

  • Collect the same information as you can for paid tickets (name, address, etc.)
  • Ask extra questions through the use of registration forms
  • Set availability start and end dates
  • Limit the number of free tickets available

Because free tickets behave in the same way as paid tickets, every registered person will receive a printable ticket with a barcode and QR code. Every registered person will also be able to fully access the Grenadine participant portal, which lets a participant manage their information and share their profile publicly (if they so choose).

Free tickets = no fee!

When you use Grenadine for free tickets, there is no per-ticket processing fee. If you have a combination of free and paid tickets for your event, they Grenadine only charges processing fees for the paid ticket portions.